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How To Make Your Living Room More Cozy

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For many families, the best moments spent at home are spent in the living room. Whether on a busy holiday morning opening up presents, watching TV with your loved ones in the evening, or just hanging out together at home, your living room is often the center of activity. For all of these reasons and more, isn’t it time that you gave your living room the update it deserves? Luckily, there are a few easy ways that you can transform your living room and make it into the cozy space that you deserve.

No matter what your living room looks like, one of the simplest ways to improve it is to introduce beautiful things. If you have a favorite painting or one that you believe speaks to your family, you can hang it on your wall, either in print or in painting form. Take your love of art to the next level by incorporating functional fine art like inspirational fireplace screens from an artist like Sandra Vlock. Not only will adding fine art make your living room more hospitable and cozy, it also gives it an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation.

Of course, it’s essential that your living room is comfortable so that all of the people in your family will want to spend more time there. Invest in big, comfy furniture that will fit everyone comfortably and encourage them to lounge around and relax. Look for sofas and couches that have deep seats and consider wide chairs that make people want to sink into them. Add decorative throw pillows to let people get even comfier and add a cozy look. Put all of this together by adding very soft, plush blankets draped over the backs of your furniture. On a cold day, people will naturally want to curl up in your living room.

Finally, add personal touches to make your living room your own. Family photos can be hung on the wall or grouped in frames on top of furniture. Display mementos that you have collected from vacations with your family.

Mosaic Art

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Mosaic is the art of creating images by putting small pieces of glass, stones, and other materials. The first mosaic art I had was made of egg shells and plant seeds. It was a school project which I made when I was in 3rd grade. I never knew then that small pieces of materials can be put together and can be made into a beautiful piece of art work.

In today’s modern times, mosaic art is now use as an interior decoration in most buildings and houses. Interior designers enhance the look of the room by using a glass mosaic tile in different colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. I’ve seen a lot of modern buildings with mosaic walls, mosaic floorings, mosaic back splashes  and they really look very nice.

I think I’m going back into making crafts again. I’m still busy these days but when I am not anymore busy, doing mosaic will be the first activity I will try to make.

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