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Sweet Baskets

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When you know that someone has had a bad day or is experiencing something that would just make that person depressed or unhappy, then consider making care packages in the form of candy gift baskets. This idea can also be used for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions as you can customize the basket in any way that you want it to look. The basket can be made with any kind of candy that the person might enjoy, or you can coordinate colors for a special event, like black and orange for Halloween or pink and red for Valentine’s Day.

Before putting the basket together, you want to find the container. A basket with a handle works well so that you can easily carry the gift. Place a bit of paper at the base of the basket to hold the sticks that you can use for smaller candies. A candy basket is often made of larger pieces of candy instead of using a vase with smaller pieces. The larger items can be placed along the edges of the basket to provide support for the smaller items that you want to include.

When you place the candies in the basket, you want to secure them with a little bit of tape on the back or even a bit of glue that is easy to remove. If the weather is warm outside, you might want to consider using items that won’t melt. However, if you’re going to take the basket directly to the person and it will be inside a cool environment, then you could add some chocolate to the package. Full candy bars are ideal for a gift basket. Mix in a few smaller bars to close in the gaps between the larger bars. Even a few mints or lollipops could work to complete the basket. It’s not necessary to wrap the basket with any kind of plastic, but it does help to keep everything together. About 10 bars is usually sufficient when making a candy basket. Add a bow to the front or the top of the basket before delivering the sweet gift.

Wedding on December

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My brother’s wedding is set on December. He asked me to help him with the preparations especially that her fiancé is not here in the Philippines. He was a bit worried about it because it’s just two months more to go and he still have to comply with the other requirements for the wedding preparation. He asked me to help him with the invitations, the wedding program and choose bridesmaid dresses. Even though how busy I am I guess I need to arrange my schedule in order to help him for his wedding.

I am praying that God will bless his wedding day and every details of the preparation will all be in placed.

My Brother is Getting Married!

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Wohooo! I am so excited because after years of waiting my brother is finally getting married. I’m so happy for him. Tomorrow, we will be going to her girlfriend’s place to formally ask the hands of her GF’s parents to allow my brother to marry their daughter. Their place is quiet far from our place but I think the 2 hour drive will be minutes away because of the excitement. (lol) Anyway, I’ll be praying for our safe travel and a smooth conversation tomorrow.

Congratulations to my brother!

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