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Hair will always be the crowning glory of every person. This is primarily the reason why for those who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, finding the remedy is not only important, it is also of utmost urgency.

For some people experiencing thinning hair or worst, baldness, hair restoration is their only option left. Hair restoration can be done through medical and surgical means. In simple terms, hair follicles are removed or extracted from one part of the head, usually from the back of the head and then moved and transplanted to the balding part of the head.

Not very many are aware of this but hair restoration is also done on burn patients and even those who are suffering from eyebrow hair loss, both male and female.

How much does a hair restoration cost? It is affordable or expensive? Since the surgical procedure is done by surgeons who specialize in hair replacement, the procedure is costly or expensive. However, considering the effect thereafter to the patient, the fee is believe to be immaterial.

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