Classic Wedding Styles They’ll Wear Again

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(photo not mine)
(photo not mine)

Most brides and grooms think that they have to have formal attire in order to have an elegantly dressed wedding party, but classic styles that can be worn again for other occasions can be just as beautiful. Many times these fashions are less expensive, and your bridesmaids and ushers will feel more comfortable.


You can actually have floor length dresses without choosing formal gowns for your girls to wear. Choose styles that can be shortened later on for other occasions. Look for dresses in your wedding colors, but avoid sequins and beading that will be too flashy for every day functions. Ask the bridesmaids to pick shoes in a neutral color, but let them pick the style. No one wants a pair of shoes they’ll only wear once. For example, ask them to buy white shoes, but let them decide if they want heels or flats.


A basic suit is always stylish and can be worn for other functions later on. Tuxedos are nice, but they are often expensive for one day of use. Black suits can have a very formal look, especially if all of the men have matching pants, shirts, and jackets. Just like you did for the girls, ask them to all pick shoes in a specific color but let them choose the style. Men’s skinny ties  can be used to coordinate their look with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Online retailers like Necktie Emporium offer a variety of patterns, stripes, and solids.

The Children

Ring bearers and flower girls are adorable no matter what they wear, but you can still achieve a formal look with clothes that are comfortable and affordable. Children outgrow their clothing quickly, so the trick here is to find something cheap. Look for their outfits after holidays like Christmas or Easter. Little suits and dresses are often drastically discounted during these times of the year.

Your wedding party will appreciate the comfort and affordable price of these clothing options when it comes to your big day. Best of all, you won’t be sacrificing that elegant look you are after. One day you will look back at your wedding photos and be glad you chose a classic style rather than the latest trends in formal wear.

Need a Home Makeover?

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For some homeowners, enjoyment of the home means looking past the signs of wear and tear that tend to come in over the years. Love of a home can suffuse the surroundings with warm feelings that help make the inevitable flaws in a home and the signs of aging less apparent. Sooner or later however, when a home has been lived in for several years, it will show signs of wear. The once comfortable little bedrooms may feel cramped, the bathroom walls will start to stain, and the deep shag carpeting will start to feel quite worn out. What’s the solution? For many homeowner, it’s a home makeover.

Yes, a home makeover does involve time and money, as well as good planning, but done well it can pay dividends. A remodeled home (if the work is done on a smart budget) can show an increase in resale value, and it can be much more enjoyable for a family to spend time in. The key is to plan well, and work in solid ideas for the home you’d really like to live in. A good contractor can help guide the project, getting solid home renovation quotes so the homeowner can think the project through and really get the most out of their remodeling budget.

Finding A Great Contractor

A great contractor can guide the project from initial planning all the way to the construction. That’s why it’s important to find someone you can work well with and who you can trust. Today, it’s easier than ever to locate a good contractor, as there are now numerous websites that offer listings of local contractors who can bring a project in on time, on budget. The listings will have samples of past work as well as client reviews, so reviewing the contractor is easier than ever. Once a good candidate is found, a phone consultation can be arranged so the project can be discussed. Once the right person is found the real work can begin.

So, why wait for that perfect dream house to appear? Start planning now and make it a reality!

Goldilocks National Cake Day

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Goldilocks invites everyone to a Cake-All-You-Can Buffet in celebration of National Cake Day on November 26, 2017; 10:00 -12:00 NN at Goldilocks Limketkai.

Customers will be charged P169.00/person for the Cake-All-You-can Buffet Promo.

November birthday celebrants will be FREE of charge if accompanied by 3 or more paying customers. The celebrant must present 1 valid ID with picture and date of birth or birth certificate to avail of Cake-All-You-Can Buffet for free.

Married couples celebrating their wedding anniversary on the month of November will be FREE of charge if accompanied by 4 or more paying customers. The couple must present their wedding certificate to avail a free Cake-All-You Can Buffet.

Goldilocks GTizen card holders will get a 15% discount upon payment for the Cake-All-You-Can buffet.

One child 4ft. and below will be FREE of charge if accompanied by 2 paying adults.

Read More for the full Mechanics:

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