One of the common things I’ve noticed with my mommy friends is that they usually carry along a big bag whenever they are going out with their little ones. It’s actually a bag for all the needed stuff for their babies. It includes items like diapers, clothes, milk , baby wipes and etc.

Moms also include things like powder and creams for possible insect bites whenever the baby is exposed in an outdoor environment. Most moms also carry with them an anti- diaper rash cream which they use to prevent their babier from developing rashes and other skin irritations. One of the common creams I’ve seen is the boudreaux s butt paste which moms usually use after changing their baby’s diapers. In the Philippines, drapolene cream is also as effective as the butt paste and it can be use in burns and abrasions as well.

Do you have an anti-rash cream in your baby’s bag? If not, have one and help prevent your babies from developing diaper rash and skin irritation.

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