A Virtual Birthday Cake

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It was my birthday yesterday. Time flies so fast and I can’t anymore tell you how old I am right now. Please allow me to just keep it a secret (*wink*). ┬áMy birthday was indeed a happy birthday because my church friends gave me a surprise. I was blessed with their birthday greetings and their birthday gifts as well. My cousins came home and helped me cooked dinner. We had a simple dinner with my family and my cousins.

Chloe and her family was also with us last night and she asked me if she can use my computer. I thought she will just use it for Facebook or for computer games but she made me this cute cake using MS paint. Actually, I didn’t have ┬áthat huge cake and balloons last night but at least I had one through her drawings.

Thank you so much Chloe for making a nice cake for me!

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