A Visit to the Eye Doctor

My grandmother asked me to accompany her to her eye doctor. I gladly said yes because I am also interested to have my eyes check. Lately, I have been experiencing dizziness and thought maybe the problem is with my eyes. So, we went to the doctor together.

We went inside the doctor’s clinic together. My grandmother’s eyes was checked first. The doctor asked her to read those letters on the wall but she couldn’t mention the letters correctly. I thought the doctor would prescribe her with bifocal safety glasses but her eyes needs cornea replacement. After a few minutes of explanation about my grandmother’s eye she have my eyes checked.  Again, she told me to read those letters on the wall and I can read it clearly and correctly. He had me stand up and sit down, walk in line and asked me to raise my hands up and down. She was asking some details about my dizziness and she gave me a conclusion that it was positional vertigo. It has nothing to do with my eyes. He told me that there’s no medication for positional vertigo but he can gave me a medicine that would help me with my dizziness. I was glad to find out that my eyes are very okay.

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  1. dizziness could be due to blood pressure..

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