Accessories for the Gun-Packing Person

Many gun owners have discovered the advantages of conceal and carry clothing articles and accessories. In truth, it’s setting them free of the strictures of gun gear. They can feel safer from the violent world around them without dressing like a Special Forces person. Clothes and accessories manufacturers have noticed too, and that makes for a certain level of enthusiasm for products that can easily conceal a nine-millimeter handgun. Such convenience can allow gun owners to carry all day long.

Beyond Holsters

In truth, pistol holsters have come a long way from the old single loop holster that hung at the hip of Hollywood cowboys. There are many ways to holster your pistol today without attracting attention. Everything from the shoulder holsters to compact belt secured firearm kits contribute to people’s expectations of conceal-and-carry gear. While these are important developments, the real enabler for people who truly want to carry without compromising their everyday appearance are the new jackets, garments and purses designed to not only secure the weapon while traveling, but can make it easier to access a gun. These garments and accessories include coats and purses. For instance, the new gun concealment purses allow women to carry compact and subcompact revolvers and pistols with a holster that’s hidden in the purse construction. These purses can completely hide the gun from view. They come in a wide variety of styles and with compelling themes that can compliment the gun owner’s everyday clothing.

Accessories Galore

The conceal and carry holsters can come in running shorts, belt pouches, pants holsters, cross body purses, single strap backpacks, and bling pouches. The pistols or revolver can be accessed either from the top or the side on many accessories. Because the gun fits the contours of a purses for example, it is best to slide it in from the rear and store it across the body. With carry-and-conceal accessories, consumers can easily and quickly remove the gun from the secret hiding place.

This also lends accessories that are usually considered fashion statements a high level of functionality. This can allow gun owners to enjoy fashion without losing the gun.

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