Anniversary Gift

Last Wednesday was our wedding anniversary. Sad to say, I still haven’t bought a gift for my husband because I wanted to give him something that he can use in his day to day activities. I was browsing some unique gifts for men online and I found a lot of things that I can actually give to my husband. Some of the products I saw were mugs, shirts, books, accessories and more. While looking at those gift items, I have decided what to give to my husband. Do you want to find out? Well, that would still be a secret for the mean time.

Hubby on the other hand told me that he is still thinking about his gift for me. If I were to choose, I have lots of stuff in mind. But I wanted my husband to discover the things that I love most. Anyway, I hope we both find the best gifts for each other. But even if he can’t buy a gift for me, his life is the perfect gift that I am thankful of. His life is a gift that no other material things can ever replace.

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