Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes…

Two days ago, I tried baking my aunt’s choco moist cake recipe and I was happy with the outcome because the cake was yummy! Although I still need more practice on making it more yummier but my cake wasn’t bad at all. I wanted to make it more perfect so I baked another cake the following day. That ends up of having too many choco cake at home. I can’t find any other food to eat but the cake I baked.

Yesterday, my church friends gave me another birthday cake as a post birthday gift for me. It was a huge black forest cake. I wanted to share the cake to them but they insisted to have me bring the cake at home. To make the long story short, I again ate another cake. That means to say, I have eaten more cakes and I guess I need to find the best diet pills for women before it’s too late. My friends saw my birthday pictures on Facebook and they told me I’ve gained a lot of weight. Gosh!

Got to act now… No more cake please! (ha.ha.ha)

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