Digong’s Spanish Style Sardines

My husband just arrived from his trip to Davao and he brought home this Digong’s Spanish Style Sardines. I don’t know how the name of this sardines originated but I think it’s pretty obvious. It was named after President Rodrigo Duterte. I googled about this product and found out on their Facebook page that this… Continue reading Digong’s Spanish Style Sardines

RV Ride

Most of the famous celebrities here in our country have own a number of recreational vehicles or RVs. They use it as their mobile office or for recreational activities. Some businessmen have already engaged in rv financing and they have  made a good business with their RVs. They offer it for rent in going to… Continue reading RV Ride

Mom is Back!

My mother in-law is back from her trip to United States. We are so happy that she’s home safe and sound. She brought us a lot of stuff including clothes, perfumes, chocolates and cosmetics. She also brought us women’s multi- vitamin including Vitamin E and Calcium as these are very affordable in the US. Now… Continue reading Mom is Back!

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