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  1. Refreshing! Looking at that rice makes me hungry and it’s almost 2 am 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  2. Refreshing and perfect for summer. I miss that longganisa with fried rice. ahay wala man kasi longganisa dito

    My yummy sunday posted already.

  3. So yummy looking food that makes me hungry…

  4. I love longaniza and missing it too!


  5. Thanks a lot for hosting.I miss Longaniza with kamatis..yum yum!

  6. wow! like Marelie, i like longaniza with kamatis. delish!!

  7. Uyyy, salamat sa pag-feature ng aking longganisa. 🙂 Korek… bagay talaga with Coke! 🙂 Summer na, and I am craving for a glass of ice-cold Coke!

  8. i miss longganisa and garlic rice!!! yum!! joining here: D

  9. Coke adds life! yummy longganisa

  10. that dish looks great!

  11. mine is up already mommy bogs!!! yay!

  12. Ice cold coke…..

    very much needed…. sarap!


    Psychotic Thoughts

  13. waiting for your new entry! hahaha

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