A lot of people I know told me that if I have problems falling asleep, then I need to try counting sheep. Is this true? I have tried this before but I don’t think it’s effective for me, maybe because I wasn’t doing the right thing.

My friend told me that counting sheep was effective for her. You will just have to close your eyes and think of a pasture and imagine that a flock of sheep moving and climbing at the wall. When one sheep goes up count “one”… and so on and so forth until you fall asleep.

If counting sheep still doesn’t work for you, you can ask help from your doctor. Most of them will give you sleep medication to help you fall asleep especially at night. Sleep medications are available online and you can read reviews like lunesta review to find out which medication suits your need.

Back to counting sheep…

Did you ever get the exact number of how many sheep have you counted? Well, if you didn’t know how many sheep you had, most probably you fall asleep.

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