Dynasty Court Hotel and Restaurant

DynastyThe Dynasty Court Hotel is situated right at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City. It’s one of the best hotel and restaurant here in our city. Whenever we have gatherings at home, we never fail to order food from this restaurant. Their restaurant serves as the best Chinese Cuisine, from simple dumpling to the twelve course fine dining fit for a king. Specialty of the house are the Peking Duck served with Chinese ingredients imported from Hongkong and the Sharks Fin soup mixed with authentic shark’s fin fibers. Our family loves their yummy sotanghon, patatim and the beef with oyster’s sauce. They also have this unique birthday noodles matched with colorful pink quail eggs.

Since we are a frequent customer in this restaurant they give us discounts in our purchases and that’s what we love the most. One more thing, their restaurant has a good ambiance too.

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