Eating at Greenwich Pizza (Part 2)

Every Tuesday, we usually have our church mentoring group meeting.  Since, our group member didn’t arrived yet hubby and I decided to eat dinner first so that we will have no problem of preparing food at home. So again, we went to Greenwich Pizza (Ororama Branch). We ordered our favorite food there – fried chicken and spaghetti. Again, we WAITED. It took us about 30 minutes to wait for our order. But it’s okay because we were not that hungry then. We opt for a take home order because their place is so crowded and we prefer to eat inside the car. One of their staff gave us our order and after that we went outside.

While inside the car, I noticed that there was no soft drink in our order. But I just didn’t mind because I thought my husband chose not to have soft drinks. But he asked, where’s our soft drink? Oh, I didn’t saw any soft drink given to you. So, we drove again to their store and asked one of their staff. Oh my? He forgot to give our soft drinks to us.

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  1. I’ve experienced this one too… the food is nice but they have poor customer service. Hope they can improve on this area.

  2. hi there 🙂 I like your blog. Enjoyed reading your posts too!

  3. Hi there! Have a nice day.

  4. nah! gi high blood si Glenn sa greenwich before. dugay jud sila mo serve bogs. di pod sila consistent sa time ilang ihatag sa imo. pero if gutom, lami ikaon didto, hehehe.. but I’m more of a Shakey’s pizza/chicken eater. Oks gypn PizzaHut kaso medyo mahal – ila pizza rapd akong ganahan never mind the other menu, hehehe

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