Ebooks Are Here to Stay

For hundreds of years, a book that’s made out of paper was the preferred way in which people read novels. From the works of Shakespeare to contemporary texts, millions of copies of such books have been sold around the world. The way in which people read their favorite books or those which have only just been released, such as Chade-Meng Tan’s new book Search Inside Yourself, has changed over the past couple of years courtesy of technological advancements.

The literary world has evolved

Barely ten years ago, the world communicated in a completely different way. Mobile phones were very big and were only used for sending text messages and making phone calls. The only way in which a book could be read was by physically holding it. Many companies, such as Apple, have released one great technological invention after another, such as the iPad.

The iPad is a tablet which can be used for a considerable number of reasons. Helping managers to plan meetings, the iPad also enables people to read their favorite e-books. The screen which is on an iPad is substantially bigger than a mobile phone. An iPad gives an avid reader the opportunity to choose from thousands of books, such as Malcolm Gladwell’s popular book Outliers – The Story of Success. Although libraries do offer readers the chance to borrow books, the novel or non-fiction book which is required might not be in stock and it could take a while for it to actually arrive – an e-book can be purchased within a few seconds.

An iPad doesn’t expect readers to carry books which have hundreds of pages. With a slim line design, an iPad can be used to read books of various lengths. As the exact page which is being read can be paused, readers won’t fret when a bookmark has fallen out because they didn’t know what page they had read up to because e-books do it on their behalf. In fact, e-book sales figures have increased substantially to nearly 200% in the first six months of 2012 whereas sales of physical books have fallen.

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