Food Trip Friday: Red Ribbon Choco Mousse Cake


I took a snapshot of Red Ribbon Cakes at Gaisano Mall. The saleslady just looked at me while I was taking photos of each cake one by one. Of all the cakes, this chocolate mousse cake is my favorite.

Funny Story:

When I was still in college, my friends went to Red Ribbon Shop to try their cakes. My classmate asked which cake we should eat. My other classmate said.. “I think that Chocolate “Mouse” cake is yummy!. My other classmates were laughing… and they said, “Oh, a mouse isn’t yummy, it’s yucky! LOL!


  1. paborito ko yan, sis. i can eat plenty of rice with tortang talong.

    vege rin entry ko this time. 🙂 happy weekend!

  2. hehe that’s a common mistake–chocolate mouse.:p my aunt who lived in the US for almost 20 years still calls a burger “bur-jer”.
    this is great with coffee.

  3. oh, that i love too. yum! nagtataka siguro iyong saleslady bakit mo kinukunan isa-isa…:) happy Friday! 🙂

  4. I love red ribbon’s chocolate mousse din! 🙂 Soooo velvety! Yum!

    Doing my hop from this week’s FTF! Here’s mine:

    Breakfast for Dinner at The Food Encounters.

  5. Chocolait mousse or moist is my fave flovor, too! 🙂 Lamia oi!

    You might want to join me in my TAKE-OUT BUFFET as my first FTF entry! Hope to see you! 🙂

  6. Wow some of the stores are not allowing to take their products unless you buy 🙂

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