Foods that Can Make You Fat

I was very hungry this afternoon and I try to figure out what to eat for my afternoon snack. I open our refrigerator and all I can see were biscuits and potatoes. To make my afternoon snack a little interesting I fried the potatoes and I paired it with sweetened lemonade. It a satisfying snack.

However, I was able to hop into a site that talks about food that can make you fat. It caught my attention so I read the details and I was surprised that one of my snacks this afternoon was one of the foods in the list.

What are the foods that can make you fat? First on the list is potato chips and the second was “other potatoes. Oh no, all kinds of potatoes can make fat. (sigh). Third on the list was, sugar sweetened beverages … and there goes my sweetened lemonade. Fourth and fifth on the list includes unprocessed red meat and processed meat.

There goes my afternoon snack. It was satisfying, but it can make me fat. (ha.ha.)

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