Who says they don’t like fresh foods? Fresh fruits and vegetables are always been my favorite. Here’s what I’ve learned regarding keeping our food fresh.

1. Prepare vegetables just before eating or cooking. Once cut, they start to lose vitamins. Once cut, they start to lose vitamins. Soaking cute vegetables in water also leaches nutrients. Seal cut, unused portions tightly in a plastic bag in the fridge.

2. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices within three to four hours of squeezing. The longer you leave juice exposed to the air, the more it oxidizes and begins to lose important nutritional value. Consider adding some of the pulp in-it’s high in fibre.

3. Ripen fruit at room temperature away from direct sunlight, which can destroy nutrients such as vitamins A and C. Refrigeration inactivates the ripening process.

4. Brush up on correct storage procedures – they help maintain freshness. Your grocer and butcher can advise you on the best methods and will often provide leaflets on storage ideas and preparation tips.

5. Eat meat and fish within two days of purchase. Refrigerate or freeze fish as soon as possible Рthe high fatty acid content deteriorates quickly. Always store meat and fish in the lowest part of the fridge or on the chiller compartment to stop juices dripping onto other refrigerated contents, such as vegetables.

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