Friendship and Blogger Award

I am so honored to have this friendship and best blogger award from Lalaine of Lalaine’s World. This is my first ever award. I don’t know if I truly deserve to be called as the best blogger, but thank you for considering me to be one. 

best blogger award

I would like to give this award to the following bloggers:

1. Jane of “Dash In Between” – welcome to the blogosphere and I know you will become one of the best bloggers in town. 🙂

2. Mommy Phebie of  “So Much to Tell” – thanks for sharing wonderful posts about Parenting and for your sharing photos of your cute Danielle.

3. Wrigley of “Times Like These” – you have a cool blog. Keep it up!

4. Lalaine of “Not a Shopaholic” – thanks for sharing nice buys and discounts. 

… and to all the people who never fails to visit my blog. Thanks so much!

Grab this award and give it to at least 7 other blogger friends you have. Enjoy the award!

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  1. lamia ani maam oi…nag laway jd ko

  2. Ah! Maayo na kaayo ka aning mga luto-luto no? Mmm… Will try these

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