From Fats to Muscles

A month ago, I met my grade school classmate and she told me that we’re going to have our school reunion. She told me to look for my classmates on Facebook and add them as friends so we all have updates for each other. I searched for Mr. R, one of the smartest guy in class and I also can’t forget him because of his huge body structure. Most of my classmates used to teased him “piggy” because he was fat.  When I check on his profile, I can’t believe what I saw. He already has a strong masculine built. I even saw one of his photos joining  “Fit ‘n Right” contest – a challenge to be fit. Wow! He has truly gone a long way. I’m sure he has studied a lot on how to build muscle fast and has made a lot of hard work in order to achieve his desired body structure. I truly admire his great determination. Good for him!

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