Every year my students save up a certain amount of money so they can buy gifts and give it to other kids. It’s like every day they are putting up coins on a piggy bank and by December we will count all the coins and buy the money that we have gathered.

We are very blessed to have gathered enough amount of money and bought gifts for the children. We bought food, toys and candies for them. Before we gave our gifts we had Bible stories about the child who gave his five loaves of bread and two fishes. We had songs and I also shared the kids about the story of the Christmas Candy Cane (I will share the story in my other post).


I wanted to buy an original candy cane in an online candy store but I wasn’t able to do it because of my busy schedule. Instead, I used the candy cane pen as my props in the story. The kids were very happy with the story and I believe everyone of them were reminded of the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. What added to their excitement was that they all received a candy cane pen after the story.


Moreover, we eventually gave the gifts. My students were the one who gave the gifts to the pre-school kids in one of the public schools here in our city. The recipient of the gifts were very happy. Their parents were very happy too. They all smiled and said “Thank you!”


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