Goodbye Messy Hair!

My hair is not anymore in good condition. Everyday, I just tie it around because it really looks so messy. Yesterday, we had a meeting at school with the parents and I was trying to make myself presentable. Sad to say, my hair was not cooperating. Still this morning I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror because my hair is so unmanageable. That is why this afternoon, I decided to go to the parlor and have my hair fixed. I asked the beautician to cut my hair short and so he did. I now have short hair and my face looks a bit pleasant. The new hairstyle gave me a sexy look as if I have taken a nuphedragen. So today, I am  saying goodbye to my long messy hair!

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  1. am excited to see your new look! lol!

  2. charr.. do look sexy in your hair ate..

    me too.. goOdbye to messy hair..

    i love my hair..

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