Happy Knife Day!

Today is National Knife Day in the US. I haven’t heard of it until I saw a friend’s blog and I was amazed to know that there is a day dedicated only for knives. A knife is considered to be man’s oldest and most used tool. When you think about knives, it’s a bit scary especially the long and sharp ones. My husband had a recent cut on his hand because of mishandling a knife. In celebration for the National Knife Day, I would like to remind everyone to use knives safely.

Always remember to use sharp knives so they won’t slip out of your hands. When cutting, always cut fruits, vegetables and other foods away from your body. These are just simple knife tips but it will help you rid away kitchen accidents.

For the knife collectors, chefs and housewives… Have a happy Knife Day!

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  1. Never heard of it either… but …happy knife day!

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