How Bathtubs Are Resurfaced

The cost of resurfacing a bathtub can be much more cost-effective than paying for a brand new unit. The results will last for years when done right. Below is the method commonly used to add a new look to a tub that has a drab, damaged and well-used appearance.

Stripping Agents

The first major step in adding a new finish to a tub is to remove as much of the old surface as possible. This is done by using a chemical. This step is needed to ensure that the surface is as smooth and even as possible. The chemicals are strong and good ventilation is highly recommended for safety. Have all available windows open and use fans to direct fumes out and away from people.

Etching and Adherence

New surfacing materials will not stick to the surface without adding a series of etching marks. This roughs up the old surface enough that it can bond with the new coating applied. Not providing a properly etched surface means the new surface coating can and will come off quickly.

Bondo the Cracks and Chipped Areas

Most people desire to resurface a tub due to noticeable cracks and chips in the old surface. These have to be filled in before proceeding to the step of applying the new coating. Most of the time, a product like bondo is used to create a smooth base surface.

Application of New Surface Material

Depending on the type of coating used, it can be applied many different ways, such as brushing, or rolling. Attention to detail will help ensure that the new surface turns out smooth and in like-new condition. The new surface will not last as long as a tub directly out of the factory, but it can provide a few more years of life.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself

The chemical used to strip the old surface is called methylene Chloride. The fumes are toxic and cause brain injury when used in an area that is not well-ventilated. This is one concern that makes homeowners hesitate on a do-it-yourself approach. It is safer to hire a professional for this project.

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