My brother accompanied me to a supermarket a week ago and while he was waiting for me, he went to a booth that offers free counseling on food and nutrition. It was a nice opportunity because there’s a Nutritionist who will evaluate your BMR, the amount of calories your body needs to maintain basic bodily functions. They will explain everything about healthy foods and the nutritionist provides information on the minimum number of calories you need to maintain each day.

After I bought everything that I need, I went to my brother and waited for him while the nutritionist did the counseling. I was laughing when the nutritionist told him to loose weight because he is almost obese. He also need to keep track of how many calories he eats each day. By doing this, he needs to track his calorie intake ( there are online counters that can help him with it) and journal his food intake each day. This may require a lot of discipline but I’m sure this will surely benefit him. He may take shortcuts by taking red cell press or other health supplements but I guess he needs to insure proper discipline when it comes to loosing weight and taking care of his body.

I will be seeing my brother this Sunday and I will have to check whether he has already started his healthy journey by keeping track of his calorie intake.

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