I Don't Know How to Cook

I woke up early this morning because I felt so heavy in my heart that I can hardly breathe. I thought I had asthma but the feeling was different. It feels like I was being hurt so badly. I figured out why I was feeling that way, and then I remembered I was having a bad dream. Trying to remember what my dream was, I just sit back, relax and prayed. Then I remembered every detail of my dream, so here it goes.

I was cooking fried chicken because we had visitors in the house. When I placed all the chicken in the pan, I was surprised that all the chicken meat was burned. The color did turned black and is not anymore palatable. I was shocked, and then my aunt came, (I wonder what she was doing in our house, we were not close though, but I guess anything can happen in a dream… LOL!) she criticized my cooking and much more she humiliated me in front of the visitors. She told me that I don’t know how to cook even with a simple fried chicken and I made it a waste. The visitors laughed at me and I was so ashamed and I cried in front of them. My heart was so heavy .…

I was wondering, why I can’t cook a simple friend chicken in my dream. LOL!
Thank God, I’m feeling better now.. It’s just a dream!

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