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Loving My Husband

Three days more to go and it’s going to be our 3rd wedding anniversary. I’m excited about it, but I guess there won’t be any

1. Praying for him daily
– I pray for everything I can remember about him. His struggles, work, spiritual journey, and everything I can think of. I pray for his PROTECTION from all forms of temptations, because I strongly believe that no matter how good your husband is, the enemy will not stop working to destroy our husbands as well as our marriages.

2. Doing Deeds of Kindness
– Each morning I always make plans on what good deeds I can do today for my husband and I always make it my aim not to end my day without accomplishing any good deed. Oftentimes I call him in his office and asked how he is doing. Sometimes I surprise him by leaving something in his car. Usually I leave food and he will inform me that he liked it. I also cook his favorite food. Doing small favors and errands and etc.

3. Giving Kind Words
– Whenever he is very tired from work I usually divert our conversation from serious into something light. Sometimes I initiate to make jokes and when situations demand that he needs to be encouraged I don’t hesitate to give him words of encouragement. Appreciating him and the things he does in my life.

Everyday is an opportunity given by God to love our husbands, so let’s make every opportunity to love them while they can still see, feel and appreciate all the things we are doing for them. When we love our husbands I’m sure God is glorified in our lives and He is pleased with what we are doing. How about you? How do you show that you care for your husband?

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