Music in my Tummy

I’m sure every one of you is familiar with a growling tummy. According to studies, a growling tummy is a sign that your body requires food. Basically this means that you are already hungry. However, you can also hear a growling tummy even after eating or between meals because your stomach is digesting the food you eat.

A growling tummy is not very common for me but just recently I can hear it loud as if there is music in my tummy. To exaggerate the sound in my tummy it was like using a cube 40xl at guitar center. This happens usually in the afternoon where I really wanted to have a snack. But because I am so busy and I don’t have time to buy food this is what happens with my stomach.

In order to solve this problem, I have decided not to starve myself. I will buy a pack of biscuits and placed it always inside my bag so I have something to eat whenever I am hungry.

How about you? Do you hear any music in your tummy?

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