Banana: My Favorite Fruit

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebookWhen it comes to fruit,my first choice would be a banana. The doctor said I should avoid all kinds of yellow fruits as it can trigger asthma, but I can’t avoid this fruit. I like the taste of this fruit so much that I love to eat this anytime of the day. Aside from that, […]

The Chocolate Fountain

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebook It was such a lovely site when I first saw a chocolate fountain. I like the presentation of the chocolate because it looks unique and fun. I tried it and thought to have it in a children’s party. I’m sure kids would love to dip in mallows and of course their fingers into this […]

Fish Ball Starter

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebookThis is the first recipe I’ve tried cooking. I’ve learned to cook this in my culinary arts class. This food is good for people who don’t like to eat pork. What’s good about this is that, it is very healthy and very economical. You might want to try cooking this. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 400 […]

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