A Pizza Treat

Every Tuesday, we always have our church mentoring group meeting. It’s a time where we learn about the Bible, we talk about ourselves, our views and etc. When our mentoring group leader went to Manila, we had 2 or 3 missed meetings. Now that he’s back, we can now resume with our usual meetings. Yesterday,… Continue reading A Pizza Treat

Banana: My Favorite Fruit

When it comes to fruit,my first choice would be a banana. The doctor said I should avoid all kinds of yellow fruits as it can trigger asthma, but I can’t avoid this fruit. I like the taste of this fruit so much that I love to eat this anytime of the day. Aside from that,… Continue reading Banana: My Favorite Fruit

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The Chocolate Fountain

It was such a lovely site when I first saw a chocolate fountain. I like the presentation of the chocolate because it looks unique and fun. I tried it and thought to have it in a children’s party. I’m sure kids would love to dip in mallows and of course their fingers into this yummy… Continue reading The Chocolate Fountain

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