Philippine Elections 2010

Today is Philippine’s first automated elections. Everyone wanted to try out this new voting system that is every polling precincts are all packed withe people right now. Each polling precincts serves 700 to 1,000 people so you could imagine the long queue and the long hours of waiting.

While casting my vote at my polling precinct, I was so surprised a huge crowd of people waiting for their turns to vote. I couldn’t join the crowd grabbing priority numbers because I’m afraid it could trigger my asthma. It was raining and the people forget about the rain, bumping each other just to get a priority number. Thank God, my aunt was there who untiringly get a priority number for me. After two hours of waiting, I have finally casted my vote.

Even though it was so tiring to wait there for hours, I am happy that I have exercised my right to vote. I just hope that my vote will truly be counted.


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