October is going to end again and so semestral break of the students is also approaching. My cousins and I usually do out-of-town during this week-long vacation. Last year, we went to Davao City. We stayed at the house of my uncle who is living there. It was a fun experience being there for we visited a lot of places especially those tourist spots and landmarks in Davao City.

We went to Davao Crocodile Farm which had a lot of crocodiles and saltwater alligators that varies from size (ranging from eggs up to the oldies), different kinds of birds and snake and other animals; Davao Butterfly Home with lots of colorful butterflies; the famous Davao’s People Park; and the malls in Davao.

This year, we plan to have a camp. We are already very excited about it and I can now use the Big Agnes Sleeping Bags which my aunt gave me last year. We will also have to prepare some tents, emergency and first aid kits and many more. I’m sure this is going to be a great adventure.

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