One of the easiest ways to make popcorn is to use a pop corn maker or commonly known as pop corn popper. Food shops and other businesses use a commercial type of pop corn poppers which you can usually find in theaters and carnivals. At home, there are specialized popping corn pots and casserole which helps us make pop corn in less than a minute.

If you try to look around, there are now different kinds of popcorn poppers which are specifically made to meet your household needs. All of these are basically a pot or a stainless steel kettle which has a built-in stirring blade or stirring system which is used to prevent the kernels from burning. It also has measuring spoons and measuring cups. However, each of these pop corn poppers differ in size, shapes as well as the price.

There are also microwave popcorn that are available in the market. In this case, you will be using only your microwave oven to make popcorn. Many people today choose to microwave their popcorn because it is very convenient and practical because they will no longer need another kitchen appliance just to make popcorn.

If you’re planning to have an afternoon gathering or a movie marathon this weekend, better have your popcorn popper ready. Make sure to buy a fresh kernel and make your popcorn perfect for your weekend activity.

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