Pork Hamonda Recipe

A “Hamonada” is a Filipino dish that is usually served in Fiestas and other special occasions. You can commonly find this in small barrios as their main course during Fiestas because this dish doesn’t spoil fast. They can store this even without the refrigerator. A hamonada is sweet and tasty and you will surely love it. Below is the recipe.



2 Kilos Upper Ham

4 cups pineapple juice

4 cups water

½ bottle beer

1 tbsp. pepper corns

1 cup brown sugar

2 pcs. Onion (cut into quarter)

2 tbsp.salt or 5 tbsp. soy sauce


  1. Wash pork and make small slits using pointed knife, or ice pick. Be careful so that the knife will not reach the skin of the ham.
  2. Put Ham in a bowl and add all the ingredients. Rub for a few minutes.
  3. Put Ham in a kettle and pour the contents of a bowl into the kettle.
  4. Simmer until become tender. Usually this will take for about 2- 3 hours, if you will use pressure cooker you can cook it for 1 hour.
  5. When done, put in a platter and garnish with sliced pineapple, onion rings, and onion leaves.


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