Roxy Flip flops

I was looking at this on eBay when suddenly saw me and asked if I wanted to but this one. I told him that I am just looking at but I don’t have any plans of buying it because I am not that it will surely fit on me.

Without my knowledge, hubby secretly purchased this flip flops on eBay. He gave instructions to the seller to address it to me so I can receive it and will be surprised. Sad to say, the package didn’t arrive as scheduled and when the package arrives I wasn’t at home and hubby was the one who received it.

What he did was he wrapped it and placed it on our bed so when I entered the room I will be surprised with his gift. When I arrived home from a seminar, the house was all dark because of brown out. Because it was very dark, I didn’t get inside the room, instead I stayed on the living room. Hubby was then waiting for the right time to give the gift to me. While waiting for the lights to come back, hubby spent some time to take a bath. While his bathing, I heard a message alert tone on his cellphone so I went to get it. When I read the message on his phone I saw a message saying… “Hope she like it”…

So I called hubby and asked if he had purchased something on eBay. He was smiling at me and gave me a gift with a note..”It’s better late than never”. It was his anniversary gift.

I was so happy for his gift at the same time happy for his effort of trying to give me a surprise. He’s not into making surprises but at least he tried. Now, I’m enjoying this special gift from hubby, a timely gift for the summer season.

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