I wasn’t feeling well today and I felt a pain on my ears. I was so disturbed about it so I went to see an ear doctor to have it checked. The doctor told me that my ears were fine and the pain might have been due to my colds. She has prescribed an anti allergy medication to prevent me from getting colds due to allergy.

As I went home, the pain was still there. I felt very tired and slept the whole afternoon. Even if I was so hungry, I still didn’t bothered to wake up and eat. After a few hours of sleeping I feel some itch on my legs and I scratched it. I noticed some rash on it and asked my husband if the rash looks like a chicken pox. He told me it wasn’t a chicken pox so I went to take a bath.

After bathing, I noticed lots of skin rash on my legs and arms and I asked my hubby if it’s chicken pox. Hubby’s eyes opened wide and he told me that indeed it was chicken pox. Oh my! What am I going to do? My students will look for me especially that today is the first day of our exam and on the 23rd will be having our graduation program.

I really don’t like this to happen.. especially that chicken pox will leave terrible scars on my body… but I don’t have a choice now. I will just have to pray that only a few skin rash will come out.

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