Small Bathroom Ideas

My husband and I have been thinking about remodeling our small bathroom but oftentimes we can’t push through the plan because it might cost us a lot of money. ¬†Good thing, I’ve found some tips and ideas online which can help me remodel my bathroom without the need of spending much. Here’s what I have found.

1. Choose Soft or Light colors for wall and floors to make it appear larger.

2. If you want to use wallpapers on your bathroom, do not use large prints or better yet choose those with no patterns at all.

3. When selecting fixtures and accessories  like faucets, sinks and bathroom fans, make sure that you choose simple with soft or neutral tones.

4. Adding mirrors in your small bathroom will make it appear larger.

5. To make your bathroom look bigger, always make it sure that it is free from clutter. You can store all your beauty products in one cabinet because the more items you can see in the bathroom the more cramp the space will look.

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