Spending Family Times with Online Games

In today’s fast-paced time, families cannot spend time together because everyone seems to be busy. Moreover, many parents today worry about what smartphones have done to their kids, which has changed a lot of how families spend time together. 

I also noticed this in our homes when our family plans for a get-together. We are all in one house; however, we are not spending time together as everyone is on their devices. Most of the time, the kids don’t like to join the adults as they prefer to play games independently.

Nevertheless, we do not allow busyness and smartphones to get in the way of our time together as a family. Since everyone in the family is into online games, we have decided to play together to make our family time a meaningful one. We choose to play games from plays.org as these are just simple online games that will not require too much tech skills. Below are the games we played as a family.

1. Connect 4 Online Connection Puzzle Game

Connect 4 Online Connection is a very easy game similar to playing a tic-tac-toe game. You only have to strategically drop discs and block your opponents from making straight discs. This is a perfect competitive game for the family as it does not require any tech skills. All you have to do is to be strategic in dropping your disc. What’s more interesting, this game allows you to play interactively with a friend or a family member. My 75-year-old mother-in-law enjoyed this game.

2. Nature Cat Racing Rapids

Nature Cat Racing Rapids is a cute river racing game. I like the voice of the talking cats while they are on race. You may choose your racer character, and you may also opt to optimize your boat. This makes a perfect game for everyone in the family. While two family members play, the other members serve as the cheerers. This game will surely bring out the competitive side of each player.

3. Splash and Bubbles Finball Friends

Splash and Bubbles Finball Friends is a cooperative game where family members learn how to work together in order to reach one goal, which is to keep the pebble in play and get as high a score as possible. Also, you have to be strategic in choosing your game character, as each fish has its unique features. I like splash, the yellow fish, because it moves faster when fully powered. I also loved the background music of this game as it makes everyone in the family dance.

These are just a few of the games we played and these have helped improved our family time together. Through these online games, we do not just play, but we communicate, collaborate, strategize, and have fun together. 

If you also want to try these games, there are plenty of games you can choose for your family. What is important is that you can achieve your goal to bond with your family and have meaningful time together. These games are best played over great foods.

I am looking forward to our next family get-together time. We will try out new cooperative games this time and hope everyone enjoys our time together. 

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