The Gift

I attended my cousin’s wedding last month and their wedding shade is blue. So, I bought a blue ribbon and personally wrapped this gift for them.

I didn’t have the chance to witness the opening of the smallest and the biggest gift as I went home earlier because of other commitments.

Smiling Sally

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Perfectly wrapped gift. Nice post. Check-out the blue thing in entry.

  3. I got curious what was on that blue gift. Happy blue Monday. Check out my entry.

  4. A perfect choice in ribbon fort this special gift. Pretty shade of blue.

  5. Best wishes sa newlyweds!

    Blissful Blue, come and see.

  6. Pretty gift wrapping. Wondrin what’s inside… Hope to see you in my BMonday post here.

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