I had so many adventures with my cousins during my childhood. But when it comes to climbing up a tree, I back out because I’m afraid of heights. I have tried climbing a tree once but my legs were shaking and I couldn’t anymore move because I was very afraid. Good thing, my mom helped me get out of that tree and from that moment on, I never tried climbing a tree.

One day, I was out with my cousins and plan to get mango fruits from our neighbor. We were very naughty then (LOL). They climbed the big mango tree and I was there under the tree waiting for them. The neighbor find out that we were taking their mangoes and he was very angry and shouted at us. We were all very scared and ran as fast as we can. Some of my cousins were still on the tree and tried to go down as fast as they could. Sad to say, one of my cousins slipped and fall from the mango tree. He cried and he couldn’t move. We called his parents and immediately they came and took him. He was crying and said his foot was very painful. His parents took him to the hospital and the doctor advised to have an air cast support on his leg. Because of what happened, we no longer climbed up on that mango tree.

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  1. I love climbing trees and I had a remembrance : a big scar on my knee 🙂

    BTW, here’s my entry for yummy sunday: http://tastyexploration.com/2011/03/26/yummy-sunday-pork-spare-ribs-full-rack/

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