Ube Jam Recipe

ube jamUbe is the Filipino word for purple yam. It contains pigments that give its violet color. An Ube is commonly made into jams and an ingredient of a fruity dessert called halo-halo.

Today, I will be sharing to you one of the foods I’ve tried cooking last month, the Ube Jam. Actually, I cooked this ube jam together with my classmates in my culinary arts class. This recipe is very economical and very easy to prepare because it doesn’t require so much of your time. So, here’s the recipe.


2 kilos Ube (cooked in boiling water)
3 cups white sugar
½ cup margarine/butter (if you want your jam to be creamy, use butter instead)
1 can condensed milk (big)
1 can evaporated milk (big)
Cheese (optional)

1. Cook Ube until Tender. Peel it.
2. Mash Ube and set aside. You can mash your Ube using a fork, but for a smoother texture you can use a blender or a food processor.
3. Mix margarine/butter and sugar.
4. Add mashed Ube and milk.
5. Cook in a low fire, stirring constantly until thick.

Ube Jam is best served cold garnished with cheese on top. The cheese can augment the visual impact of the jam but it also adds a contrasting flavor which makes it more yummy. Others also love to pair the jam with bread just like on the photo above.

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