What’s Your Name?

I really had difficulty remembering names especially when I am introduced to a lot of people. Maybe my mind couldn’t really grasp a number of names to be memorized in one setting. During college, if I can’t remember my classmate’s name I just call him or her “classmate” and then all is well. But the hardest thing is, when you met your classmate after college and would gladly talk to you as if you were that close. What would you do? Just like what happened to me a week ago. I met my classmate in college while I was waiting for my ride home. Actually we we’re not that close, I even forgot his name but our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes. We talked about life, career opportunities and etc… it was really fun talking with him given the fact that he was a gay and he’s really fun to be with. He’s very talkative… and I wanted to ask his name but I feel a bit awkward asking. I don’t want him to be offended that I forgot his name. At the back of my mind, I kept on thinking on some clues so I could remember his name… is it JR? John? I really can’t remember and I don’t have anymore idea what his name was. I was trying to open up stories where he could mention his name but it never happened. So I tried to ask his number and asked his name .. his name was Argie. Now I remember. He also asked my number and typed it on his cell phone. After that, I was surprised with his question.. he also asked my name. Lol! He too forgot my name…

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