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Yummy Sunday #1

shrimpsHello everyone, I am very much happy to continue this food meme called “Yummy Sunday”. Janet of Our Family Story gave me the privilege to be your new host for this. I hope you will join me and let’s share different kinds of food photos every Sunday.

If you’re new to this meme, kindly click this link “ About Yummy Sunday“.

For my very first entry as the new host of this meme, I would like to share this dish from Dynasty Court Hotel. I actually took this photo during the 6th Birthday Celebration of my niece. Actually, I forgot the exact name of this dish but I chose to post this because the shrimps looks so yummy. Isn’t it? How about you, share your Yummy Sunday post now!

21 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday #1”

  1. i’m sorry!!! i wrote my comment on the wrong topic. but i will copy it.

    when i saw the pic ….wow,wow,wow!!!
    one of my favorite food. i cooked bam-i for supper, i put shrimps. my hubby said”this taste good”. so, plus point to the cook.
    i really like the pic. i want it to be real.i want to eat it now.lol.

  2. It’s my first time to join yummy sunday.I love joining this meme coz I love food.he!he!Your shrimp looks yummy gyud.If i happen to eat in dynasty I will surely try that…

  3. exactly! this one looks yummy..makes me drool…he..he..[URL=http://www.postsmile.com/][IMG]http://www.postsmile.com/img/emotions/84.gif[/IMG][/URL]…

    glad to know ur the new host of this meme..count me in..

    here’s mine:
    Thai Spaghetti

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  4. wow so yummy. I’ll try to join this meme next week…Thanks for visiting my post, Gie. God bless u..Oh by the way, I added this blogsite to my list….

  5. Hi bogs, love this, too! This menu is called Salt & Pepper Shrimp 😉

    Anyways, thanks for inviting me but just read your message now & I guess I’m kinda late of posting my entry, hehe (it’s already 11:48 pm & I’ve to look for food pic pa – pwede cake? hehe).
    Hope to join next time. Love this entry and I love Seafoods!! yum2x!

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