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  1. haguy ka lami sa chowking!heheh..apil ko bogs!

  2. feeling naku 1 million years naku wa kaari ngari dah..nabag o naman diay ug nawng imu blog mommy bogs..super shocked kO!KUK!

  3. super nice make over here mommy bogs!

  4. visited until #6..ill visit the rest after #6 as next week.. 😀

  5. Sobrang fave ko ang halo- halo ng chowking. Kalami!

  6. ayay! new look naman diay ni.. when man diay tong last nakong entry waaaaaaaa..anyway, joining again sis hehe.

    tamang-tama ng ice cream diri kay hastang inita ron hehe.

  7. Yummy food! Argh, I want this now.

  8. kalami sa leche flan ug ube ice cream..mao r na akong tuyo kung mag order ko ani sa chowking he he..dli ko ganahan na e mix.

  9. Thanks for the visit girl and for my 7 visitors last week. I miss the ice-cream pero gabii naman, ugma nko mukaon ani hehehe.

  10. My daughter loves that Ube ice cream on top of the Halo Halo. =) I’ve joined and will be back to comment on the participants.

  11. wow… the halo-halo looks so yummy.. 😀

  12. miss ko na ang halo-halo ng chowking…sarap! done visiting other entries and thanks for your visit. have a great weekend. 🙂

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