Yummy Sunday 11: Cassava Cake

cassava cake

This is a yummy cassava cake made by one of the parent of our student. One thing that makes this cassava cake unique is the pineapple that was added to it. I like this because it’s creamy and not so sweet compared to other cassava cakes in the market. The cost of each slice is only five pesos. Very affordable and yummy!

Do you have a food photo that you would like to share too? Join me here and leave your link below.  Happy Sunday everyone!!!


  1. ayayay, favorite ko yan, lalo na yung gawa sa may Bulacan, sarap!

    congrats nga pala sa nanalo sa contest last Sunday.

  2. Bogs, just posted my 1st entry. Check it out. Hope I did it right ;-)… Lami ba kaayo sa cassava cake. mglaway sad ta, hehe

  3. yummy ah!! I’m craving for one since last weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to try Buddy’s budin &/or Nana Mengs cassava leche flan. ;D

  4. Pineapple? Hmmmm that reads very interesting. So, how did the pineapple taste figure in the cassava?

  5. love it esp. if it’s from the ref pa.. love eating it cold 😀 try the special budin from Buddy’s!! 😀

    i miss the one my mom buys too.. topped w/ leche flan and has generous amounts of buko strips.

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