Yummy Sunday #137: Dunkin Donuts

Hello there! How’s everyone doing? Did you had a wonderful Easter celebration? I wasn’t around last week because we were out of town.
Here’s a photo of our afternoon snack, “Dunkin Donuts. It’s said to be the Philippines’ famous doughnut as it is named “Pasalubong ng Bayan”.


Many Filipinos like this doughnut because it isn’t too sweet. How about you? Do you find this doughnut tasty?


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  1. I miss your host last week Sis 🙁 but we understand you were busy 🙂 I miss eating the Dunkin’ donuts 🙁 we have here too but we eat Tim Horton’s timbits 🙂 which was entry last week 🙂 Dropping by for Yummy Sunday and of course those donuts are sweet treats to have 🙂

  2. That donut makes me hungry, I miss eating that donut, for me it so delicious.Nam nam hehe..dropping by for Yummy Sunday..

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