Yummy Sunday #149: Coffee Time


I took this photo early this morning having coffee time with my husband. Drinking coffee is not our usual routine but I find it a good thing to wake up early morning and talk with my husband before he goes to work. For the past weeks, I noticed that this simple coffee time can be a good thing for us to talk about just anything. We talk about jokes, dreams and even plan for budget or whatever activities in the future. Saturday mornings are the best times for us to have coffee time because we never worry about time as both of us are free from work.

By the way, I sometimes alternate my coffee with milk or Choco because I get palpitations from drinking too much coffee (he.he). But no matter what I drink, I make sure that we both have time to just sit back, relax and talk.

How about you? Do you have a coffee time?

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  1. joining this week again, Bogs! like you, mag palpitate sad ko so I try to alternate my coffee with choco drinks too. hehehe! since I am married to a coffeeholic, I have no choice but to join his “bisyo” lol. it’s a good way to spend time with each other, too!

  2. yay! for the Nescafe…the best coffee brand for me ever 🙂 a great way to relax before your husband goes to work 🙂 Dropping by from Yummy Sunday.

  3. I have coffee time with my husband pero juice iyaha kay d man sya muinom og kape hehe…I can drink coffee three times bsta mugawas akong pagka adik sa coffee haha..

  4. Talking about coffee time… me and hubby just had a time together last night. Me drinking coffee and him drinking milk. hehehe

    Joining this week!

  5. I love coffee too! Mornings aren’t complete without it.

  6. yummy! i could use a cup and few of these crackers later coz i’ll be staying up all night again. i joined diay. happy and yummy Sunday!

  7. Our coffee time also changed into mornings.. we used to have coffee ‘nights’ but then, we realized it’s not a very healthy practice since it makes us sleep so late at night..heheh!

  8. ahhh.. thats a sweet moment right there. =)

  9. Are those Skyflakes? What a perfect combination:)

    Mine is up: http://sizzlingdelights.blogspot.com/2012/07/pulled-pork.html

  10. love to sip coffee in the morning or afternoon 🙂 lami imong combination bogs.

  11. That’s simply a good way to constantly spend time together with your husband. I see to it that me and my partner eat on the dining table instead of eating meals at our workstations so that we could at least spend time together without getting disturbed by work.

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