Yummy Sunday # 154: Buko Pie

My husband had a trip to Linamon, one of the municipalities of Lanao del Norte and he brought home this Buko Pie.


A buko pie is a Filipino pie made from a young coconut. What I like about this pie is that it taste good and the coconut filling are flat, which means you won’t have a hard time chewing the coconut as it is sliced thinly and it is very soft. A box of pie cost Php 190.00 only.  I haven’t heard of this buko pie before even the place is not also familiar to me.  But I am glad that I can find yummy foods even in small municipalities like Linamon.


So if ever you find a chance to travel along Lanao del Norte, visit Linamon and try their Buko pie. It’s called Linamon’s Best Buko Pie.

Happy Sunday!


  1. It’s been years since I last had a slice of buko pie. I hope someday i’ll land on Lanao to try this buko pie.

    Joining Yummy Sunday!

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