Yummy Sunday 21: Camaron Rebosado

“Camaron Rebosado” is a dish made of Shrimp. The usual procedure of preparing this dish is to dip the shrimp on a batter and then fry. To make it more tasty, you can add some ready-to-mix seasoning.

Last Thursday was our Christmas party for all Kinder 1 pupils. It was agreed before the party that all parents will have to bring food for everyone. One parent came and brought “Cameron Rebosado”. I don’t eat shrimp because I’m allergic to eat, but I was so attracted with it because it looks yummy. That is why, I decided to take a picture of it. All the people who ate the dish find it delicious. Even though I didn’t ate it, I’m sure it’s yummy. The photo can speak for it. Isn’t it?

By the way, I’m excited to find out what food you will be eating or preparing on Christmas Day. Can you share it next Sunday?

Our featured Yummy Sunday participant for this week is Fe of Fe’s Journey of Life. You can check out her blog today because she always have great food photos to share.


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